Institutional Viability

As LANDBANK continually adheres to globally accepted governance principles and best practices, it maintains the Board’s independence from management such that the Chairman of the Board and the President and CEO are two distinct individuals with clearly delineated duties and responsibilities.

While the Chairman assumes leadership, monitors the Bank’s adherence to good governance policies as well as the overall performance of the Bank, the President and CEO, on the other hand, directly manages the day-to-day operations of the Bank and executes the policies and strategies approved by the Board in pursuit of its institutional goals and objectives.

Specifically, the President and CEO supervises the Bank’s five sectors, namely, (1) Agricultural and Development Lending Sector, (2) Branch Banking Sector, (3) Corporate Services Sector, (4) Operations Sector, and (5) Treasury and Investment Banking Sector.  There are Bank units which report directly to the President and CEO, namely, the Strategic Planning Group, the Agrarian Services Group, the Legal Services Group, the Security Department, and the Systems and Methods Department (effective October 1, 2019).